What is an escape room?

Book a room at the Farmington Underground, and you will be led into a room full of puzzles to complete your mission. It is like an interactive movie or game where you are the star. These puzzles will challenge you and your group to work together and think in new ways. Your group will have a set amount of time to complete all of the challenges and reach the conclusion.  Periodically, we will add new rooms that will continue the story of the Farmington Underground.

Will my group be locked in the room?

-  No, there will always be a door unlocked and accessible in case you need to step out or use the restroom.  Please note that if someone in the group steps out of the room, the experience will still keep going and cannot be paused.

Will there be other people in the room?

-  Only the people you bring with you!  Once you book your time slot, that room is reserved for just your party; we will not add any other people to your group.

So I am interested in this adventure, do I just stop by or walk in?

-  The best way to assure your space at Farmington Underground is to reserve your time slot online or over the phone.  While it is possible you could walk in and catch us at the right time, the safest way would be to make your reservation ahead of time.  Time slots stay open until one hour before the reservation starting time.

Would this work for team-building?

-  Yes, of course!  If your organization would like to do a team-building event during the daytime or outside of our posted hours, please contact us and we would love to set it up!

Is there an age requirement?

-  All ages are welcome, but any group with children ages 11 - 14 must also contain at least one parent or guardian.  For groups with children under the age of 11, there must be at least 2 adults in the group.

Can I bring young children or infants?

-  Yes, we just ask that you notify us in advance if you would like to do this.  We will generally not charge admission for a young child who cannot fully participate in the experience.

How long does it take?

-  You should plan on arriving 15 minutes early for your mission preparation, then the mission will take about an hour, and another 15 minutes afterward for the debrief.  In total, the experience will last about an hour and a half.

How many people can be in my group?

-  The maximum people will be posted in the description of each room.  The minimum group size is 3 people, but we do offer openings for groups of 2 at a slightly higher price per ticket.

What if my group is bigger than 6 people?

-  Please give us a call or send us a message, and we can go over the options.  We are happy to find a way to accommodate a large party!

Is the building accessible?

-  We want to accommodate anyone who would like to come to Farmington Underground!  There is a flight of stairs leading down to the escape room at our main entrance.  That being said, there is an alternate entrance that may be utilized with advance notice.  If stairs may be an issue for anyone in your group, please give us a call (778-4099) to discuss how we can accommodate you!

Who creates the puzzles?

-  All of the puzzles at Farmington Underground are original and created here. Each room is designed with a mix of puzzles to appeal to different types of thinkers: those who like numbers, those who enjoy word play and riddles, and those who like to use a hands-on approach to figure out how something fits together. The puzzles are thought up, developed, and built right here in Farmington. Our mission is devoted to keeping things creative and community-driven!