Medieval Banner Art Contest

We have a new ART CONTEST for all you artists and creative souls! We are putting together a new medieval event, and are looking for you to design a House banner that will be used by one of the 10 teams. That’s right, we will pick up to 10 winners’ designs that we will put into our new game!


Here are the rules for the design:

Inspired by Farmington, Franklin County, or the State of Maine
Only 2 or 3 colors used

Fits on a sheet of printer paper (8.5x11”)

Keep designs relatively simple

Can be hand-drawn or designed using computer

All artwork must be original


Each person may submit up to 2 designs. All of our Houses will have names. You can definitely submit a House name with your artwork, but it is not required.


To enter please send us a scan or picture of your drawing through Facebook message or email Please include your name and town of residence in your message to us.


Prize: Each design chosen will win one free ticket to Farmington Underground. If two of your designs are chosen, you would win two free tickets.

Official Rules can be found here:

Paint Our Wall Art Contest

One lucky artist from our community will get to put their own design in the lobby of Farmington Underground next to our new Dragon’s Descent room.

To enter you will need to send us a sketch/draft of your medieval-inspired design. The wall is 34” wide by 93” tall (about 3 ft wide x 8 ft tall). There must be at least one dragon in the artwork, and bonus points for including a tree similar to or inspired by the Farmington Underground logo. Along with your artwork, please tell us your name, town of residence, title of your work, and the medium you would use to complete the artwork on our wall (acrylic paint, pencil, etc.). Please send us your entry as a direct message through Facebook/Instagram or as an email to The contest ends on Monday, October 15th, 2018. We will select 3 finalists, which will then be voted on by the community here through Facebook and Instagram, to get a winner!

We would love to promote all local aspiring artists, and all finalists will need to have their artwork shared with the public, but if you are not selected as a finalist and would like your art to remain anonymous (not be shared on social media), please let us know at the time of your entry.

Prize: In addition to getting to paint your art on our wall, the winner will also choose a prize of either $100 or 6 tickets to Farmington Underground Escape Room (~$132).

Since the winner will need to physically come in to our facility here in Farmington to complete the artwork, this contest is only open to residents of Maine or students currently living in Maine. After being selected, the winner will have up to 2 months to successfully complete their artwork on our wall in order to win the prize.

The complete contest rules can be found through this link:

Art contest wall in the lobby of Farmington Underground

Agent Check-in

Sometimes the agents of the Farmington Underground need to meet at locations outside the usual headquarters. These "rendezvous points" are marked by a red tree like you will see below. If you are skilled enough to find these rendezvous points, you just might win free tickets to our first escape room, "Enter the Underground!"  These points will be scattered all around Western Maine, so be ready when the next point is announced!

Mission guidelines

To enter, you'll need to:

1. Find the rendezvous point in person and take a selfie with the red tree in the background.

2. Share your selfie in the comments of the post our Facebook page and include the caption, "I'm ready to enter the Underground.”

3. That's it! You'll be entered into a drawing for free tickets!

The following is a history of previous rendezvous points:

Red tree found on University of Maine Farmington campus

The week of 2/15/2018

Location: University of Maine Farmington campus

Red tree on telephone pole with cemetary and brick building in the background for Farmington Underground escape room

The week of 2/24/2018

Location: Downtown Farmington, Maine

Red tree on telephone pole with snowy background in Wilton, Maine

The week of 3/2/2018

Location: Wilton, Maine

Tree logo of Farmington Underground on telephone pole in Jay, Maine

The week of 4/5/2018

Location: Jay, Maine