12 Exciting Games for Families and Learning

Games are a great way to spend time with the family. Not only can games be fun, but learning can happen, too.  Below you will find a curated list of games (in no particular order) across different mediums to try out for your next family game night. We have tried to curate a list of […]

COVID Safety Plan

COVID-19 Escape Room Safety Plan No-contact experience Your group will be the only group in the entire facility for your reserved time block All groups are private, it will be only the people you bring with you Staff will interact with you from a separate room via camera and speakers With advanced notice, we can […]

What are Educational Games?

Written by Rachel Beechin 9/30/2020 Educational games are used in classrooms, the community, and at home to help students review material or gain skills. Education can seem like a serious undertaking, and it is vitally important for children’s growth. Educational games can be an overlooked resource that can help engage kids in learning as well […]

Outdoor Treasure Hunts

This summer we have been focusing on outdoor entertainment, and we thought it would be a good idea to share with you how our Treasure Hunts work. We will also keep a running list here of all the Maine towns where we are running these outdoor Treasure Hunts. Here is how it all works: 1) […]

The Fate of Farmington Underground

Like most small businesses recently, we have had to grapple with some tough decisions about our future. Do we see a way forward? Will we be able to pay our bills? How long will it all last? All we have learned is that there is no easy answer and it is all still very unclear.  […]