Sometimes the agents of the Farmington Underground need to meet at locations outside the usual headquarters. These "rendezvous points" are marked by a red tree like you will see below. If you are skilled enough to find these rendezvous points, you just might win free tickets to our first escape room, "Enter the Underground!"  These points will be scattered all around Western Maine, so be ready when the next point is announced!

Mission guidelines

To enter, you'll need to:

1. Find the rendezvous point in person and take a selfie with the red tree in the background.

2. Share your selfie in the comments of the post our Facebook page and include the caption, "I'm ready to enter the Underground.”

3. That's it! You'll be entered into a drawing for free tickets!

The following is a history of previous rendezvous points:

Red tree found on University of Maine Farmington campus

The week of 2/15/2018

Location: University of Maine Farmington campus

Red tree on telephone pole with cemetary and brick building in the background for Farmington Underground escape room

The week of 2/24/2018

Location: Downtown Farmington, Maine

Red tree on telephone pole with snowy background in Wilton, Maine

The week of 3/2/2018

Location: Wilton, Maine

Tree logo of Farmington Underground on telephone pole in Jay, Maine

The week of 4/5/2018

Location: Jay, Maine