Outdoor Treasure Hunts

Other Details

A smart phone is needed.
No prior knowledge of the area necessary (you will get a map).
Each Treasure Hunt will take about 1 – 2 hours to complete.

Current Treasure Hunts

Farmington Treasure Hunt

This is it, buried treasure, here in Farmington. You cannot believe what you are looking at. Well, wait. Should you believe what you are looking at? A paper you found in an old dusty box with the writing on it: Farmington Treasure Map. What is the treasure? Does it still exist? And if it does, how can you find it?

Wilton Treasure Hunt

Passed down from generations, the prize-winning blueberry pie recipe has gone missing. To keep its secret, the recipe has remained on one single note card for its entire life. Can you find this treasured recipe in time?