Using Cell Phones in Escape Rooms

“Are we allowed to bring our cell phones in?” I get asked this question relatively often so thought it might be a good idea to clear up any misconceptions. Of course, if you are going into your first ever escape room, it is hard to know what to expect! 

First off, at Farmington Underground we do not take your cell phone or make you turn it off. If you want to bring your cell phone, go for it, because it most likely will not be of any help to you! Part of a puzzle that can be found in one of our rooms is shown below. These names and dates were created specifically for this room, so Google would not be too much help.

Escape room style puzzle with portraits of vintage characters.
Google will not be too much help here.

Taking Pictures

Here is where it gets tricky at various escape rooms. At Farmington Underground, we do not mind pictures being taken in the rooms, so long as you are not taking video of an entire sequence or pointing out how to solve the puzzles. It can be nice to have a cool photo of your group inside the room, working together in harmony.

This group asked to have a picture taken inside our medieval dragon room.

That said, other escape room companies would prefer you do not take pictures inside their actual escape rooms. There are fears that the “magic” or puzzles might be ruined for others who have not come yet. Either way, it is great to ask up front before you go into the room to see if pictures are okay to take. We love when groups are proactive in this way!

Flashlights and Other Cell Phone Policies

If you have done some escape rooms, you will know that some of them can be very dimly lit. So it makes sense to want to take out the flashlight on your cell phone and light up the object you are looking at. This is usually a harmless thing to do. Sometimes the lights just do not fall correctly on the words you need to read. Some people have different tolerances to how much light is necessary. There are some escape rooms designed to keep people from seeing certain things. So if it is a pitch black room, the excitement might be ruined by flipping on that flashlight from your pocket!

Mostly, escape rooms are set up to escape the reality of your everyday stress (which our cell phones can definitely contribute to!). So it makes sense to disconnect from them for the one hour and immerse yourself in a world where a cell phone is not needed.

We have had many individuals who come in and say they have left their phone in the car. On that same note, we have had people who have answered phone calls right in the middle of their escape! So in the end it is totally your choice and we want you to have the experience you are comfortable with. Sometimes that includes cell phones, and sometimes not. Either way, we will keep making great new experiences for you to try!

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