History Mystery Scavenger Hunt

At the end of this month, we will be holding a historical scavenger hunt during Farmington Summer Fest. Teams of 2 – 5 people will walk around downtown Farmington looking for clues and solving puzzles. The event takes place on Saturday, July 27th from 9am – 4pm. Your team may come to our booth and start at any time during that block. The scavenger hunt is expected to take teams about 30 minutes to complete. Oh yes, there will be prizes and the event is FREE to enter!

This year’s hunt will feature different historical monuments than last year. The map and clues are brand new and will point you towards some potentially overlooked places in downtown Farmington. You can find us at our booth on the Broadway side of the alley this year!

Downtown Farmington town map from the 1930s
The 2018 Hunt was based on this 1930’s map of downtown Farmington.

A Look at Last Year’s Hunt

The 2018 Summer Fest was the first year we ran the History Mystery. We had 6 teams show up early at 9am to compete to be the first team to finish the scavenger hunt. After about 15 minutes, we had two teams briskly walking down the street with an accomplished look on their faces. Both teams had completed the hunt in virtually the same amount of time, so we called it a tie!

Last year’s scavenger hunt had teams looking around downtown Farmington for certain signs and building architecture. One clue led teams to a sign in the Bangor Savings Bank parking lot. Another clue led teams to some historically significant names carved high up on the outside of a building. Teams also needed to take pictures at each location they gathered a clue from.

Many groups, families, and friends participated. The hunt was not timed, so teams could take their time and stop by other booths and activities along their scavenger hunt route. Each team who finished was entered into a raffle for cash prizes. After the day ended we had 45 teams participate, or about 150 people total!

Family group posing with props after scavenger hunt.
A team poses after completing the Scavenger Hunt!

Other Summer Fest Events

There are plenty of activities, music and food available at Farmington Summer Fest. Along with our History Mystery Scavenger Hunt, there is a Float Race, a Bed Race and a Talent Show. All of these events are open to whoever wants to participate. There are musical acts playing along the streets during the day and food trucks lined up in key locations.

For more information on Summer Fest, updates are posted on the Facebook page here: Farmington Summer Fest

We also have a Facebook event for our Scavenger Hunt here: https://www.facebook.com/events/330657394280493/