Mobile Escape Rooms

What is a Mobile Escape Room?

A mobile escape room is a portable escape room game that can be set up at your location. Rather than you traveling to an actual escape room business, the escape room comes to you!

There are a few different varieties of mobile rooms. There are large-scale puzzle hunts, converted trailers, short games the size of a photo booth, or boxes and props set up to convert a room on premises. Most games are shorter than the standard 60-minute escape room. More people get involved and are able to experience the game this way.

Currently at Farmington Underground, we have one mobile game and are working to expand our offerings.

Mobile escape room game featuring 4 boxes with locks
The Potion Master mobile escape room game has boxes filled with various potion ingredients.

Potion Master

Our mobile game, Potion Master, is a wizard-themed 10 – 15 minute game that can accommodate groups of 2 – 6 people at a time. The game consists of 4 locked boxes with potion ingredients inside. As a result, groups must solve puzzles to open the boxes and decipher clues in order to figure out which three ingredients are needed to craft their potion.

The game challenges teams to work together in a creative way. Groups need to share information and thoughts about what they are seeing and thinking. This is very much an exercise in group communication, with the added element of time-management. Teams enjoy interacting with the different physical aspects of the puzzles and celebrating after a successful attempt!

mobile escape room team winning wizard game
Winning team in Potion Master, celebrating success in style!

Who are Mobile Escape Rooms Good for?

These traveling escape rooms are great for large group functions such as: schools, fairs, business conferences and meetings. We have brought our Potion Master game to Mt. Blue High School and University of Maine at Farmington this year, and will be bringing it to an assisted living center later this summer. 

Are you interested in booking Potion Master or having us come to you with a custom mobile escape game option for team-building or entertainment? Please reach out to us! We would love to talk to you: 207-778-4099 or escape@farmingtonunderground.com