Maine Escape Room Trail and our Blog

First off, welcome to the Farmington Underground Blog! Here we will post Maine escape room stories, things going on in our community, and projects that we are working on. We have the lofty goal of updating the blog at least once a week from here on – so let’s see where this goes!

What is the Maine Escape Room Trail?

It is a collection of escape rooms throughout the state of Maine (and one right across the border in New Hampshire!) that challenge players to complete at least one room at each location. Players get a sticker for each visit to a new location. There are currently 8 locations on the trail, and obtaining all 8 stickers will win you a free collectible t-shirt!

Business card with the logos for 8 escape rooms in Maine
The card you will receive and collect your stickers on as you journey to each escape room!

How Did It All Start?

In September 2018, the owners from several escape rooms got together and started talking about working together. We brainstormed some different ideas, and as a result, liked the thought of having a “passport” for players. It would be fun to make a game out of traveling throughout the state and trying to visit every location. After a couple months of working out the details through more meetings, the Maine Escape Room Trail officially went live in November 2018.

The First to Finish

Well, it happened faster than expected! In early 2019, we gave out our Farmington Underground Escape Room stickers to a few groups that had already completed a few locations on the trail. It seemed that people were interested and slowly working to get more stickers.

Then in April 2019, we hosted a group who had collected 4 stickers already. They told us that they were planning to complete the rest within the next 2 weeks. Then a plot twist – there was another team also close to finishing. These groups of two were in a race to be the first to finish the trail. But on April 7th, 2019 it happened and we had our first completion-ists of the Maine Escape Room Trail.

Two people holding trophy for finishing Maine Escape Room Trail
The first finishers of the Maine Escape Room Trail!

That said though, the trail goes on! There are still t-shirts left to give out to those who visit all 8 escape rooms. And of course, you win the glory, too!

Participating Escape Rooms

Here are all 8 escape rooms on the trail, including us here in Farmington, of course! Fun fact: The trail’s two furthest points North Conway, NH and Brewer, ME are 166 miles apart!

Farmington Underground Escape Room
Farmington, ME

GTFO Escape Room
South Portland, ME

Bangor Escape Rooms
Bangor, ME

The Escape Room
Portland, ME

Mainely Escapes
Waterville, ME

Mystery NH
North Conway, NH

Escape Room 207
Topsham, ME

Crack the Code
Brewer, ME

Just ask for a Maine Escape Trail card at any of these locations to start your journey, and follow along with everyone else on the Facebook group page.