Welcome to the Farmington Underground, an escape room experience where you
will travel through time and work together along with your team to
follow clues, solve puzzles and be the hero of this mystery.

Paint Our Wall!

We recently ran an art contest for one lucky artist to get to paint their design up on our wall! The voting on our Facebook page was so close that we chose two artists in the end! If you have not seen the entries, definitely check them out!

Escape rooms at Farmington Underground are filled with mysteries and puzzles that will immerse you and your team in an exciting and challenging environment.  As you follow along with the story of each room, your team will rise up successfully together, or you will become just another afterthought of the underground.  Perfect for families, friends, co-workers, or ragtag teams of all sorts - do you have what it takes to enter the underground?

Our Escape Rooms

Through no easy means, the Farmington Underground has acquired the pieces to an ancient artifact that allows its users to travel back in time.  The only problem is that the pieces are currently in a state of “some assembly required."  Your group is invited to put together these pieces, unlock the mysteries of the artifact, and prove you are worthy to be sent back in history!

*Not recommended for first-time escape room players (try starting with Enter the Underground!)

This mission will bring you to the outskirts of a medieval village being terrorized by a dangerous dragon. Legend tells of a long lost magical cave, large enough to protect the townspeople from impending doom from above. The cave requires 2 keys to open - keys that have been lost over time. We have reason to believe that a local inventor has found at least 1 key, but the inventor has now been missing for 3 days. You will need to get into the inventor’s cottage, locate the keys, and open up the magic cave, all while avoiding a catastrophic dragon attack. 

Retro Farmington Underground

Say Hello to the newest video from Farmington Underground Escape Room. Taking it back a step, retro-style! You might want the sound on for this one!

Posted by Farmington Underground on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Our Mission at Farmington Underground

Farmington Underground strives to bring a unique, immersive experience that tells a story to entertain, engage, develop critical thinking and provide team-building for families, friends, students, and businesses through this locally-owned and operated attraction.  We are devoted to supporting arts, culture and community in Western Maine.

Please check out our FAQ section if you are new to escape rooms and our Find Us page if you want to make your journey as easy as possible!

If you are thinking about a corporate or team-building event during the day or outside of our normal hours, please contact us and we would love to accommodate that!