We create the events your audience will be thrilled to attend

We work with organizations and municipalities to develop programming that’ll grow your young audience. Book a free, no-obligation consultation call today to get started.

Every organization we’ve ever worked with has accessible, clever, and creative ideas, but so many of them never come to life.

We’re lucky to work with organizations that have great program ideas but lack the resources required to build them

Because they’re so busy just handling the day-to-day.Maybe they’re understaffed.Maybe they think working with a programming partner will just cost too much money.Maybe they want to build something with technology but don’t even know where to start.

Story Trails Consulting works with organizations and municipalities to create customized programs that delight, enlighten, and entertain. We use technology to augment the great work you’re already doing. Whether you’re a small town, library, or nonprofit, we’ll work within your budget and timeline to turn your idea into a reality.

Just like you, we believe that your organization’s programming should excite your audience.

And we’re here to work together to make it happen.

Before deciding to work together, we’ll have a free 30-minute conversation to figure out if we’re an ideal fit to work together.

Then, we’ll work 1:1 with you in order to understand what an awesome outcome would be. Within your budget and timeline, we’ll work together until we’ve developed the program that will achieve results. And we’ll be with you step-by-step until the completion of your organization’s event.

Our partners

We work with towns, libraries, and nonprofits like these:

How much does it cost to work with Story Trails Consulting?

While your investment will vary depending on the size and scope of your project, projects typically begin at $500 and last at least a month.

What if I want to build something technical?

We’d love to work together! Joe, one of our two founders, is a software developer with 8 years of experience. We’ve built apps, websites, and all sorts of technical experiences for customers like you.

What if I know I want to build a program, but I’m not sure what to build?

We’ll work closely with our partners throughout the entirety of our programming work together. If that means that’ll begin from the very beginning, we’d be honored to work together in order to define what program to build.

Hi there! We are Mary and Joe.

We have been creating innovative events and games for the past 5 years! After running an escape room until 2021, the pandemic took our creativity in a new direction — creating experiences in both online and physical environments and finding the best way to blend the two elements for a modern audience. Self-guided tours, scavenger hunts, children's events, and museum educational games are just some of the exciting projects we have worked on recently.We both enjoy finding creative solutions to problems and implementing those ideas to engage audiences.Mary has found a specialty in art, design, and marketing, while Joe focuses on the user experience and technology. We both have a background in Education and love to support the local communities, history, and culture in Maine.

Ready to bring your event to life?

We’re the right team to make it happen. Let’s talk about how we can work together to make it happen. We’ll plan to review your message and send you an email in the next few days.

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