Escape Room

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an entertaining room full of puzzles that your team must solve in order to "escape". At Farmington Underground, your adventure will be about completing objectives along the way. You and your team will be immersed in an exciting and challenging environment. Escape rooms are perfect for families, friends, co-workers, or ragtag teams of all sorts.
Do you have what it takes to enter the underground?


Communicate with your team
Grow your relationships
Create memories

Corporate group doing escape room team building at Farmington Underground
group having fun, holding a dragon at Farmington Underground Escape Room


Be with friends and family
Play along with a story
Become a hero

Intellectual Challenge

Decipher the clues
Figure out puzzles
Test your brain

A couple of puzzle solvers giving a thumbs up playing escape room

Our Escape Rooms

Enter the Underground

The Farmington Underground acquired pieces to an ancient artifact that allows its users to travel back in time, but the pieces are currently in a state of “some assembly required."  Your group is invited to put together these pieces and prove you are worthy to be sent back in history!

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Dragon’s Descent

We are going back in time to a medieval village being terrorized by a dangerous dragon!  Your team will need to open up a magic cave to protect the townspeople from impending doom. Bring all your teamwork and skill, oh yes and watch out for the dragon!

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*Dragon's Descent is not recommended for first-time escape room players

a team playing potion master with cauldron and potion bottles

Potion Master - Mobile Escape Game

We bring the escape room to you! This 15 minute escape game can be set up at your location - perfect for conferences, work events, or parties!  Teams will be tasked with gathering the correct ingredients to craft a potion, but first they will need to use teamwork, communication, and logic to unlock the different themed boxes. Please contact us for pricing options.

Retro Farmington Underground

Say Hello to the newest video from Farmington Underground Escape Room. Taking it back a step, retro-style! You might want the sound on for this one!

Posted by Farmington Underground on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Maine Escape Room Trail

We have teamed up with 7 other locations around Maine to see who can complete the ultimate adventure of escaping from all corners of the state. Follow the progress at

Our Mission at Farmington Underground

Farmington Underground strives to bring a unique, escape room experience that tells a story to entertain, engage, develop critical thinking and provide team-building for families, friends, students, and businesses through this locally-owned and operated attraction.  We are devoted to supporting arts, culture and community in Western Maine.

Please check out our FAQs if you are new to escape rooms and Find Us page to see our location!